Aluminum: Not Difficult, Just Different


With every change comes learning. Learning what equipment you’ll need to adapt to the change. Learning the skills you’ll need to repair vehicles correctly. Learning what your company and employees will need to know to estimate and plan for repairs. Research and training into the changes become a necessity, not an option!

It seems that many repairers think the introduction of the new F-150 is like a bomb. It is not. We’ve heard and seen for years the introduction of more aluminum intensive cars and the increase in aluminum panels. We’ve all been working with and on them for years. I find it hard to believe that there is a shop out there that has not worked on an F-150 hood or a similar-in-design vehicle. Also, I believe that many shops ran into the same issue with quarter panel replacements on the new Hondas. The question is, “Did you do it right?”

ICC Collision Centers has required all of their mechanics to become certified in this arena.. 

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