Facts you need to know: How to Avoid Pitfalls in Collision Repair.

 ICC Collision Centers has  satisfied and continually maintained the Verified Quality (VQ) designation. This independent, 3rd party verification adds credence to the “Quality Repair” statement.

By selecting a Verified Quality collision center , you may fully rely on the fact that regular on-site confirmation of essential information such as proper Repair Planning, Equipment, Materials & Parts, Process Consistency and overall Repair Quality is conducted by qualified VeriFacts Coaches. And, that each facility believes that full transparency is the key to building and retaining customer trust and satisfaction by allowing the entire repair process to be monitored 24 x 7 using AutoWatch ‘Check Your Vehicle’.

There are over 30 different metals; and 40 plastic types found on newer automobile designs. Some steel panels may have as many as 5 different metals ‘fused’ into one piece which renders them un-repairable. These specific items must be replaced. VRC facilities know which panels can be repaired (and how), and which ones must be replaced. If an improper repair is completed by a non-qualified shop, the vehicle may not respond as designed in a subsequent accident, jeopardizing the safety of the occupants.

Be sure and ask your repair facility for a copy of the Replacement Crash Parts Notice and Authorization Form. This document describes in detail the type of parts that will be utilized in the repair of your vehicle (New, new aftermarket, recycled or remanufactured). You have the right to know!


To be sure of a quality repair, look for this symbol of Verified Quality.