Prevent New Years Eve Car Accidents: Driving Safety Tips


The very symbol of New Year’s Eve might be a popping champagne bottle and a roomful of friends and loved ones. But though the new year brings with it one of the best parties of the year, it is also notorious for being one of the most dangerous nights of all when it comes to car accidents and drinking and driving incidents. All too often, New Year’s Eve partiers spend their evening celebrating with drinks – and don’t think twice before getting behind the wheel for the drive home. Because of this, January 1 is one of the most deadly nights of the year when it comes to serious car accidents caused by drunk drivers.

What can you do to prevent drunk driving and to reduce the number of fatal car accidents that ring in the New Year?

•    Have a plan to get home. If you know you will be drinking at your social event, have at least one or two options for getting home safety. Program the number of a cab company into your phone, book a hotel room within walking distance from your party, or arrange a designated driver.
•    If you are throwing a party, make up the guest room.Just because you won’t be driving on New Years doesn’t mean you can’t help prevent drunk driving. If you have having friends over, offer your extra bed or a couch to them, or offer them the number of a taxi.
•    Call in suspicious drivers. If you are on your way home and see a drunk driver, call the police and report it – you could be preventing an accident that is just minutes away. Be sure to keep your distance from the car and do not try to stop and confront the driver by yourself.
•    Find a way to celebrate without the alcohol. Start a new tradition to ring in the New Year that doesn’t involve the bubbly. You may find a great activity to share with friends – and you might appreciate waking up on January 1 without a headache.