Don’t Text While You Drive: A CRAZY Simple New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again. The time when we start making all sorts of plans and promises about how we’re going to improve ourselves in 2013. Let’s just get real though. How often do you actually follow through on any of your grand New Year’s plans? That’s because most New Year’s resolutions are…well, HARD! They require time, effort, commitment, investment, and a whole lot of WORK to see them through. You have to get a membership at a new gym or start a new diet…it’s overwhelming!

 But what if there were just ONE simple, easy-to-do resolution that could literally save your life? Here you go:


Distracted driving, right now, is the NUMBER ONE killer of teens in America. You can’t turn on the TV without watching a devastating accident or death caused by someone texting while driving. Yet despite all the publicity, the research, the stats, and the risks associated with texting while driving…we continue to do it! And this isn’t just about teen driving and texting.

Admit it, parents, you’ve been guilty too. Studies show kids are extremely influenced by their parents’ driving behaviors–including texting while behind the wheel. Don’t just tell your teenagers not to text and drive. Be their example in 2013, and don’t text at all while you’re driving. Not just while your kids are in the car, but every time you get in your car. It’s not too late to make this your resolution, and to make one small promise that could save your life this year!

It’s easy to nod your head and agree that texting while driving is dangerous, and we all agree with the experts that advise us not to text while behind the wheel…but have you actually taken a stand to try to curb your texting while driving? You could save your life and the lives of other drivers all around you this year, and all you have to do is put down your cell phone while you’re behind the wheel. Start with just one day, today. Make a promise to yourself, your kids, your parents, and your friends: I will NOT text while driving today. When you get into your car, leave your mobile phone in your purse or power it off, and just focus on the road. Turn the ringer volume down, to minimize temptation to read any text messages you get while on the road.

If you still struggle with the temptation to text while you’re driving, try installing a safe driving app, such as Detext, onto your phone. Detext turns your mobile phone into a safe driving coach, and it restricts your ability to text while your car is in motion. The app is automatically activated whenever it notices that you’re in a moving vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about temptation to text while you’re driving!

Go ahead, take the easy way out this New Year’s. Just pledge not to text while you’re driving. Start today. Start now.