Insurance ABCs 6 insurance terms that might not mean what you think they do.


A party of one? A drive-in with no movies? Welcome to the world of insurance language. Here are six sometimes-confusing terms and what they really mean:

No, not the three-ring kind from high school. This binder is a temporary agreement declaring that your policy is in effect until a formal policy can be issued.

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First Party
Don’t bust out the dance moves just yet! A first party is the technical term for any person or organization covered by insurance.

An underwater vacation? Not even close. Subrogation describes the process of recovering money for a claim paid but for which the insured wasn’t at fault.

Not quite as delicious as the French dessert, a tort describes any wrong or injury done to a person for which someone else may be liable. Now if only it came with a slice of torte.

Umbrella Insurance
This insurance won’t keep you dry in the rain, but it can cover you above your existing homeowners, auto or boat policy

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