Current State of Autobody Claims Technology


Advancements in insurance and collision repair technologies have been instrumental in restructuring the way auto claims  are handled. Electronic appraisal reviews and shared guidelines ensure business partners have the information needed to fulfill work in a transparent, compliant, and complete manner. Management dashboards facilitate claims
performance review in a concise, targeted manner, enabling managers to address specific areas of performance, adjust levers, and evaluate the impact in real time. And when prefill and predictive analytics are incorporated into the overall process, unnecessary steps can be avoided at FNOL and at other points in the claims process to ensure the proper resources are not only assigned, but are equipped with information to ensure the fastest , most satisfactory claim settlement for all parties.

The collision repair industry too has benefited from greater use of technology – whether through the ability to update the vehicle owner automatically of the status of a repair,
or through the ability to automatically update the repair production stages via an iPhone or Android device. These changes have shaved time off of the claim and repair
process and have worked to streamline communication between all parties. As consumer’s expectations and service demands continue to grow, more will need to be done to deliver a positive auto claim and repair experience. So what can the industry do to improve the claimant experience?

ICC Collision Centers has found one very useful tool in allowing customers to get an estimate on their vehicle right from the comfort of their own home.  This is exceptional as people just don’t have the time today as they did in the past to get estimates on their vehicle during regular business hours.  Therefore, our e-estimate provides a phenomenal solution to your autobody needs.  

Here’s how it works…

Customer goes to our website ICC COLLISION CENTERS INC.

on the left hand side they will see a box labeled e-estimate.  It looks like this


Click this e-estimate button, and customer will be taken to a page where they will see a form.  Instructions are as follows:


Do you want to upload photos of your vehicle?    Yes No

First Name:*

Last Name:*



State: Zip:



Vehicle Make:*

Vehicle Model:*

Vehicle Year:*

VIN Number: (17 digit number located on your vehicle registration)   Why?

 Characters needed: 17

Desired Appt Date:

Desired Appt Time:

Describe the damage to your vehicle:

Image Upload:*

Click the Submit Button… one of our inspectors will then view your claim, and get back with you on an estimate for your vehicle damage.

Technology is truly changing the game when it comes to the needs of the autobody industry.  So check out our website and get your quote today.

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