Why ICC Collision Has Become Your Ford Verified Collision Repair Center …


Insurance companies typically look for collision repair facilities that can repair their customer’s cars quickly and reliably. To  answer this need, Ford is endorsing two industry leaders,  AutoWatch® and VeriFacts™, to implement the Ford Verified Collision Repair Center program. As a Ford Verified Collision  Repair Center, insurance companies and private customers will 
have the satisfaction of knowing your facility:

•Has highly skilled, trained technicians
•Employs the latest technology and repair processes
•Is properly equipped to do the repair quickly and efficiently
•Utilizes Ford-approved paint products
•Provides OEM parts content disclosure prior to making the
•Offers a lifetime limited warranty on all repairs
•Makes use of the AutoWatch® on-line tool
•Has independent 3rd party verification of quality

This program is intended to offer Ford and Lincoln Collision  Repair Centers the opportunity to participate in one of the  fastest growing Verification Programs in North America. Larger
collision repair centers may wish to become verified, while  smaller dealerships (or those without a body shop) have the  opportunity to sponsor a local independent shop that handles
repairs for them.


Top Reasons for for using a Ford Verified Collision Center:

  • To Ensure YOUR Collision Center Meets the Highest Collision Standards in the Industry

  • Improve YOUR Relationship with Insurance Companies

  • Increase YOUR Productivity

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