Best incentives to buy a new car now


Auto sales and prices are up, but there are still deals to be had. Here are 10 tempting automotive offers you might not be able to pass up.

By Jim Gorzelany,

End-of-summer car deals

New-car sales continue their upward trend, with industry-average transaction prices reaching ever higher. While that’s obviously good news to automakers and their dealers, it’s of little consolation to bargain-hunting car shoppers. But there are a number of outstanding deals to be had on select model-year 2013 inventory.

Still, shoppers will likely find new-car and truck prices to be considerably higher than the last time they entered a dealer’s showroom. According to the automotive pricing information and analysis, the average new vehicle in the U.S. sold for $31,088 in July 2013, which was up $360 over a year ago; back in 2008, the typical new car sold for $27,958.