Steps to a “Greener” Car


It really does not matter if the car you’re driving is new or old, big or small. There are preventive maintenance steps every vehicle owner can take to make sure their car is as “green” or environmentally friendly as possible, according to the Car Care Council.

Follow these simple steps to help protect the environment by improving gas mileage, which in turn saves money at the pump.

Keep your car properly tuned for optimum performance

  • Drive Smart
  • Lighten the Load
  • Regularly check and replace dirty air filters
  • Have spark plugs checked and replaced if necessary
  • Maintain the cooling system
  • Tire Checks
  • Gas Caps
  • Fill-Ups
  • A/C Maintenance and Use
  • Vehicle Fuel System – By properly maintaining your vehicle’s fuel system, such as replacing your car’s fuel filter every two years or 24,000 miles and having your fuel injectors flushed our every 30,000 miles, you will not only have a cleaner, ‘greener’ car, but you will save money at the pump.”
  • Emission systems – Emission systems control a vehicle’s emissions, exhaust and pollutants using an array of sensors, computerized engine controls and the exhaust components. Emission systems substantially reduce harmful gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), unburned hydrocarbons (HC) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and prevent harmful gasoline vapors from escaping at the fuel tank. Your car’s emission system keeps the engine running cleanly and efficiently in all sorts of operating conditions, and keeping it in proper working condition can save money and protect the environment.
  • Maintain and repair your car as outlined in the council’s Car Care Guide

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