Carpooling Benefits Drivers and the Environment while Saving Money


These Stats simply amaze me when everyone seems to be preaching about Going Green.  A Whopping 73% of drivers are still not practicing environmental

safety when it comes to driving to work…

With the price of gas seemingly stuck at well over $3 per gallon, and with concerns about helping the environment more and more prevalent, it’s understandable that carpooling is still commonly regarded as a great way to save money and the planet. Although many people carpool frequently and effectively, some do not. I think carpooling sometimes gets a bad rap because it is perceived as inconvenient

There are a lot of benefits to carpooling. Ever think about how much you’re really paying to drive your car every year? According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), a person driving a medium sedan 15,000 miles a year is paying $8,588 annually (not including car loan payments). Let that sink in for a second: Gas, tires, oil changes, insurance, additional maintenance. If you own a car, you can’t really avoid some of those costs. But if you carpool you can at least bring some of those costs down.

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